Supporting People with Addiction

By the end of the course all participants will have the knowledge to assess, support and refer people facing addiction to appropriate services.

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The course teaches adults how to assist young people who are beginning to experiment with using substances, regularly using drugs and alcohol or who are using substances problematically.

What does "Supporting People with Addiction" cover?

You wont learn more about drug and alcohol support on the internet.

Module #1 Why do  people use substances?

We look at the research into why people use substances. What leads young people to use drugs and alcohol? How do they get to the point of addiction?

Module #2 What drug is that???

How to identify the category of substance and what it does to the body

Module #3 Stages of change

We look at the stages of change by Prochoska and DiClemente and how this informs working with young people experiencing substance abuse.

Module #4 Roizen's Four L's

We look at Ron Roizen's four L's and how this informs discussions with young people experiencing substance abuse.

Module #5 Seeking help

We look at the process and tools that will help you support a young person seeking help for substance abuse.

Module #6 Relapse Prevention

We look at the process and tools that will help you support a young person seeking help for substance abuse.

Module #7 Recovery Awareness

We look at how you can help your young person to become fully aware of the challenges to recovery

Module #8 Dual Diagnosis

We look at the link between mental health and substance use and what you can do to help our young person

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Sam, Social Work Student

It means a lot to know that there’s people like yourself who are willing to offer your insight and time to our personal development. A MASSIVE thanks again for presenting in such a powerful, yet sensitive and accommodating way last week. I believe all from our group found the information and experience you offered incredibly helpful.

Brian, Youth Minister

It was good to hear what you had to say about youth and mental health. It was challenging to realise that there are some deep and significant issues in this age group too. Thank you for not shying away from these.

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