Self Care for the Human Services Professional

All the knowledge and tools to look after yourself for the long haul

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Whilst people often hear a lot about the need for self care in their training the research says their literacy on how to do it is low. There are books, journal articles and heaps of websites that claim to give you the skills of self care... But who has the time or money to go through them all. Not to mention you need to wade through the dodgy and the scammers.

Our self care training aims to fill this gap.

The most robust, evidence based research informs our course. We point you to the best journal articles and books (We read hundreds so you don't have to go through them all). There are videos and audio clips to help you learn. There are homework elements for you to complete to embed the ideas in to your daily life. Most of all you have lifetime access.

What does the course cover?

You wont learn more about self care anywhere on the internet.

Module #1 Stress

The three types of stress in our lives are an important piece in understanding the self care environment.

Module #2 Self Care Plan

Module #3 Physical

Module #4 Mental

Module #5 Social/Emotional

Module #6 Spiritual

Self Care Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the self care training course.

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Where else can you get self care training from an instructor with over 15 years experience across the human services sector, qualifications in Social Work and Youth Work as well as a history of supporting people to develop their self care plans. The most up to date research on self care. Over 20 videos, a bunch of audio clips, worksheets and homework tasks to make self care your second nature.

Whether you are a student, psychologist, social worker, youth worker or just beginning your human services career, this is the course for you.

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Sam, Social Work Student

It means a lot to know that there’s people like yourself who are willing to offer your insight and time to our personal development. A MASSIVE thanks again for presenting in such a powerful, yet sensitive and accommodating way last week. I believe all from our group found the information and experience you offered incredibly helpful.