Recruit great youth workers

7 tips for recruiting Ultimate Youth Workers

Recruiting Ultimate Youth Workers… Recruiting is one of the most important jobs a youth service manager will ever have. Managers are responsible for two major tasks: results and retention. You can never get great results if you have mediocre people and you will never retain people if they don’t believe in what you are doing. […]

The youth work question

What is the youth work question? Over the last decade I have been asked to speak with hundreds of people who want to be youth workers. Sometimes in seminars or training courses, other times I get to do it one on one. The first question I always ask is “Why do you want to be […]

keep great youth workers

9 ways to keep great youth workers

How do you keep great youth workers? Youth work is one of the most difficult professions around. You tend to work with some very difficult clients who are generally not showing their best side. Managers know this, yet it still boggles my mind how often I have heard managers complaining about their lack of ability to keep great youth […]

There is no try in youth work

You cant try out youth work.

Youth work Let me be blunt about youth work. You can not try out youth work. Its not like playing a game of basketball and then giving up. Its not like trying to paint and deciding you are not able to do better than stick figures. Its not like cooking where if you stuff up […]

Walk Away

Motivational Monday: Walk away!

My career as a youth worker has always pushed the boundaries. Whether it was pushing social workers in family services work to listen to the voice of the young people in the clientele or getting local government youth services to use more social media I have always pushed for the next evolution in working with young people. […]

Christmas present ideas for a youth worker.

Christmas present ideas for an Ultimate Youth Worker Twas the week before Christmas and if your like me, your wondering what to get for some of your youth work family. It needs to be something to help them grow. Something witty. Something that won’t break the bank. We believe that one of the best Christmas […]

UltimateEAP (Employee Assistance Program)

UltimateEAP began in 2014 as a Employee Assistance Program for the youth and community services industry throughout Australia. All to often Employee Assistance Programs are run by people with limited or no experience in the youth and community services sector. Social Workers, Psychologists and HR professionals who have never stepped inside the doors of a community […]

About Us

We are Ultimate Youth Worker Youth work is a tough gig. Its probably why you have joined with over 2000 youth workers from all over the world who visit us every month. We truly care about you and your career. We know that you want to be the best youth worker you can be. We […]

Why should a youth worker have supervision?

In the AYAC National Youth Work Snapshot 2013 a survey of youth workers showed that 8.4% of surveyed youth workers had never had a supervision session and around 51.7% receive it less than once every three months. As an industry that claims professional status this is appalling. It is no wonder that the sector in Australia […]