What will 2019 look like?

What will 2019 look like?

What will 2019 look like? The most exciting part about looking to the future is you can make it anything you want. You dream a dream in time gone by… and then you look towards the amazing future you have created. The hard part is going out and creating it. You actually have to spend […]

Code of Ethics

Youth Work Code of Ethics

Youth Work Code of Ethics I remember when I first started as a youth worker. I knew that ethics were important, that they underpinned the work that I did and that a youth work code of ethics existed in Victoria. However, being the gung-ho youth worker that I was, I was more interested in diving […]

Aaron Garth

Aaron Garth is a youth work Academic and the Executive Director of Ultimate Youth Worker. Aaron has worked as a youth worker in a number of settings including local church, street drug and alcohol outreach, family services, residential care, local government and youth homelessness since 2003, and has worked as a youth work educator since 2013. […]

You need a mentor

Podcast 009: You need a mentor

To support the podcast, donate here! You need a mentor!!! In todays Ultimate Youth Worker Podcast “You need a mentor”, Aaron gets us thinking about the need for mentors in youth work. We look at five things we need to do to find and get a mentor. He also leaves us with a challenge. Here is […]

Training: The next evolution in Ultimate Youth Worker

Training for the future Well the world turns and we are still kicking. Funding cuts hurt us as an organisation as you know. We decided that that was not ideal. We rely on fee for service work to keep going. We have most often focused on supervision sessions to meet our funding needs. Occasionally we would […]

The Ultimate Youth Worker Podcast

Podcast 001: A Balanced Life

To support the podcast, donate here! A Balanced Life In this weeks Ultimate Youth Worker Podcast we explore the need for youth workers to have a self care plan. Youth work can be highly stressful. Because we care, we take on a lot. Vicarious trauma is a regular event on our calendar. Around 24% of […]

Our Clients

We have had hundreds of individual clients since our inception in 2012. They are the lifeblood of our business. The individuals who are after supervision and support. While we can’t name them all here we want to acknowledge that if it wasn’t for them wanting to become better workers, for the sake of their clients […]

Celebrate successes: The youth work mountaintop.

Celebrate successes Tonight I met a bunch of youth workers for dinner to celebrate the amazing work they had done throughout the year. We ate, we drank and reminisced about the work that had been done. Camps, friday night programs, mentoring, leadership development and much much more. Over some amazing Thai food we spoke about […]

Youth work in the silly season

Surviving is key to the silly season. December One. The beginning of the silly season. The first day of the run to the end of the year. ‘Every year I dread this time. Yeah there is the awesome Christmas parties and friends and the end of the year. The flip side however is that it is […]