Self Care Planning

Looking out for ourselves is key to youth work success. But it’s hard to do if you don’t have a clear plan for action. Youth work is all about relationships. We pride ourselves on being able to create and maintain positive relationships with young people where they can grow into the people they want to […]

Podcast 030: Self Care in Youth Work

In this episode of the Ultimate Youth Worker Podcast ‘Self Care in Youth Work’ Aaron chats with Ex-Student Panel about self care in youth work. How do youth work practitioners leave work at work? Do relationships, boundaries and practices change when we engage in self care? What supports do youth workers need to be effective at self care? What happens when things go pear shaped?

A five step guide to self care

Guide to self care In my experience, “self care” in the Youth Work industry can be used as a “buzz word” or just a box to tick on your supervision notes. In my first year as a youth worker that was exactly how I thought. But after a while I began to experience mental health […]

Self care is hard if you don’t plan for it!

Self care is hard So my last two months have been absolutely crazy. I have spoken at the Tasmanian Youth Conference in Launceston. Presented at the 16th International Mental Health Conference on the Gold Coast. I have also completed four weeks of my final field placement for my Master of Social Work and taught three […]

Youth worker self care over Christmas.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the youth service agency there were youth workers running around like headless chickens because they had young people who needed support. It is a story I hear every year. youth workers who are missing out on holidays and family time because they are working to support young people […]

Implimenting self care in your youth work organisation.

Self care in your organisation At a number of conference we have presented at this year we have been asked by managers about how to implement our self care strategy with their staff and more widely in their organisation. As we have spoken with these managers we have come away with more of an understanding […]

Self care is a workplace health and safety issue

Self care is an OHS issue Over the past few months I have been reading as many articles as I could get my hands on looking at self care in the human services. One thing that keeps coming up in the literature is the issue of work stress leading to staff leaving the sector. Staff […]

The youth sector must promote self care

Promoting self care One of my best mates in youth work said to me today that  he had been speaking to a bunch of people about the work of Ultimate Youth Worker recently. He stated that he was surprised when almost all of them stated that they didn’t think there was an issue with self […]

Good self care in youth work

Self care is an ethical requirement I have heard, over the past year or so, more excuses as to why youth workers can’t commit to self care than I care to recall. These excuses ranged from a lack of time and money to not knowing where to start and lack of support from management. Many of […]


Self care 101: There is no work life balance

Work life balance I have just finished reading an article in the latest Journal of the Australian Association of Social Work. The article addresses that enigma that we all struggle to solve eventually in life, ‘how do I find a work life balance’? The article shows the results of a survey of 439 qualified social workers […]